Antifungal drug maps

 This section contains a series of maps highlighting the world availability and cost of four key antifungal medicines. The following world maps are interactive and by selecting the criteria in the top left corner of the map you can visualize whether a drug is registered, or available or on the Essential medicines list – on a country by country basis.

View registration and availability maps for each of the four drugs, Amphotericin B, fluconazole, flucytosine and itraconazole  and voriconazole


There is a second set of maps covering the price of each drug in each country, again selection of the map view in the top left box will allow you to see either: 

1. lowest daily cost of treatment

2. average daily cost of treatment

3. highest daily cost of treatment

4. population information

View Price maps: Amphotericin B; fluconazole; flucytosine; itraconazole and voriconazole



1.Choose from top left corner of each map which category of data you want to see.

2.Hover over the map to view Country name, population and useful summary.

3. In the bottom right corner there is a zoom button to examine an area in more detail. The map can be dragged across the screen – by clicking and holding on the mouse.

Static example of amphotericin B availability

The Data 
Data has been supplied by a vast number of people worldwide – to whom we thank sincerely for their help in compiling these maps; we have tried to acknowledge all their names in the article which is now published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

Principle data sources also included:

Baseline information on drug registration, availability and pricing was obtained from numerous sources including Martindale, Monthly Index of Medical Specialities (MIMS), the WHO EML, Diflucan® Partnership Program (DPP), Health Action International and published literature.  We attempted to fill gaps in the data through extensive personal communication, with data being preferentially sought from individual country senior health professionals where possible. We also searched the web and found individual country sources in some cases.

Data presented at ECCMID 2015