Why Gaffi?

Fungal Infections are neglected diseases worldwide. Globally, over 300 million people of all ages are estimated to suffer from a serious fungal infection every year. Of these, over 1.66 million people are estimated to die. In comparison, deaths from malaria and tuberculosis are 600,000 and 1,540,000 respectively.

Most serious fungal infections are ‘hidden’, occurring as a consequence of other health problems such as asthma, AIDS, cancer, transplantation, or immunosuppression. In addition, many people lose their eyesight every year from fungal keratitis as it is not properly diagnosed and treated.

All serious fungal infections require specialized testing for diagnosis, and delays or missed diagnosis often lead to death, long term illness including blindness, psychological problems and reduced work capacity.

Experts in fungal infections and treatment are few in developed countries and almost non-existent in developing countries. The outcomes from fungal infections could be transformed if there is investment in a global action plan to improve capabilities.

GAFFI’S VISION is to reduce illness and death associated with fungal diseases worldwide. View a “hidden crisis”.

GAFFI’S MISSION is to improve the health of patients suffering from serious fungal infections through better patient care, improved access to diagnostics and treatment, and by provision of educational resources to health professionals.

As a Geneva-based Foundation, GAFFI is the major advocacy and fund raising body for a number of implementing partners, including governments and both national and international global health agencies.


denning still
David Denning, GAFFI’s President explains the rationale for GAFFI and its key aims in this  video, filmed at The House of Commons, London, November 2013.